The ISL99380R5935 and ISL99380BR5935 are 80A Smart Power Stages (SPS) that are compatible with Renesas ISL68/69xxx Digital Multiphase (DMP) controllers and phase doublers (ISL6617A), respectively. The ISL99380R5935 and ISL99380BR5935 offer best-in-class current sense accuracy over line, load, and temperature. When combined with a Renesas Digital PWM controller, these devices enable precision system level power management and best-in-class transient response for loadline based regulators. These devices simplify design by eliminating typical DCR sensing networks and associated thermal compensation components. The thermally enhanced 5x6 package enables high density designs.

The ISL99380R5935 and ISL99380BR5935 feature the Renesas tri-state PWM input that works with Renesas multiphase PWM controllers and phase doublers to provide a robust solution in the event of abnormal operating conditions. The ISL99380R5935 and ISL99380BR5935 also improve system performance and reliability with integrated fault protection, including HFET overcurrent, shorted HFETs, Smart Reverse Overcurrent (SROCP), Over-Temperature (OTP), and VCC Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO).


  • VIN input range: +3.0V to +16V
  • Supports 80A DC current
  • 3.3V compatible tri-state PWM input (ISL99380R5935)
  • 5V compatible tri-state PWM input (ISL99380BR5935)
  • ±3% accuracy continuous signal for current monitor
  • 8mV/°C temperature monitor, TOUT
  • Comprehensive fault protection for high system reliability
    • High-side FET short and overcurrent protection
    • Smart Reverse Overcurrent Protection (SROCP)
    • Over-temperature protection
    • VCC Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Enable input and fault reporting outputs
  • Low Power mode operation
  • Up to 1.25MHz switching frequency
  • RoHS-compliant, 5 x 6 QFN package



  • Accelerators (GPU, ASIC, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Core, graphic, and memory VRs for microprocessors
  • High density VR for server, networking, and cloud computing
  • POL DC/DC converters and video gaming consoles


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