Renesas' computing power products are featured with high accuracy of up to ±0.5%, parallel/serial VID supporting, phase dropping, CCM/DEM mode transition for energy saving, and I2C function. Our multiphase modulation technology comes from our experience in analog multiphase controllers used in computing.

The products include support for serial communication with the processor, power stage control, and monitoring. All products are compliant with Intel/AMD specifications. Featured with R3/R4 and EAPP modulation schemes, Renesas processor power products have been extensively verified in customer designs, with super-fast load transient response, precise current balance under all load conditions, and excellent stability.


ACPI Regulators & Controllers

Power solutions for handling power consumption in MPU and computer applications

Analog Multiphase DC/DC Switching Controllers

Controllers that provide a complete power solution for Intel microprocessors

Digital Multiphase DC/DC Switching Controllers

Controllers that support Intel VR13/VR13HC and IMVP8, and the AMD SVI2 interface

Multiple Output DC/DC Switching Controllers

Multi-output controllers with integrated MOSFET drivers

Multiple Output Power Management ICs (PMICs) for CPU Power

Power management ICs for IMVP8 computers powered by 2-cell Li-ion batteries

Single Output Buck DC/DC Switching Controllers

Single output buck controllers for IMVP and VR11/12 computer applications

Smart Power Stages for Digital Multiphase DC/DC Controllers

Simplify design and increase performance by eliminating the DCR sensing network

Synchronous FET Drivers for Multiphase DC/DC Converters

Synchronous MOSFET drivers for multiphase pulse-width modulation

Product Selector: Computing Power (VRM/IMVP)

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