RL78/F13 microcontrollers are successors to the 78K0R and R8C, are available in a 20 to 80-pin, 16KB to 128KB flash memory lineup, and realize the industry's lowest level of consumption current. They have a built-in CAN module and LIN module for automotive interfaces, and in addition to the functional safety features of the RL78/F12, a RAM ECC function, PLL lock function, port output state monitoring, stack overflow detection, dedicated WDT oscillator, and more have also been added. Since a more highly reliable system can be built, these microcontrollers can be used for industrial applications and of course automotive applications.

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  • CPU: RL78 core, Max. 32MHz
  • Voltage: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Package: 32 to 48-pin HVQFN, 48 to 80-pin LFQFP, 20 to 30-pin LSSOP
  • Memory: SRAM Max. 8KB, Program Flash Max. 128KB
  • PWM: PWM Output x 16, 3-phase PWM Output Function
  • Analog function: 10-bit A/D Converter (ch) x 8
  • On-chip Oscillator Freq. (MHz): 64M, 48M, 32M, 24M, 16M, 12M, 8M, 4M, 1M Low-speed Oscillator 15kHz
  • Others: PLL, RTC, Power-On Reset, Low Voltage Detection


  • Car Audio
  • Body
  • Chassis & Safety
  • HEV/EV
  • Motor Control

Design Support

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High Temperature: Ta = 150°C Support

To order an RL78/F13 MCU with Ta = -40 °C to 150 °C specification, please provide the order code and the application temperature mission profile for verification to Renesas Support.

Hardware Tools

Starter Kits

Starter Kit Description Featured Documents Ordering
  • Target board QB-R5F10BMG-TB which contains an RL78/F13 device with 80 pins and 128KB Flash memory
  • E1 OCD emulator (HW – OCD and flash programmer)
  • IAR EWRL78 KickStart Edition (SW – compiler from IAR with limited feature set)
  • Quick-Start Guide (documentation with SW examples)
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual
pdf_icon_for_table.png Quick Start Guide
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Programming Tools

Programming Tools Description Featured Documents Ordering
RTE0T00020KCE00000R E2 Emulator
On-chip debugging emulator for RH850 family and RL78 family. Also available as a flash memory programmer.
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Buy
R0C00000FDW13R Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)
The Renesas Flash Programmer provides usable and functional support for programming the on-chip flash memory of Renesas microcontrollers in each phase of development and mass production.
  • A simple GUI makes operations easy, even for first-time developers
  • PC-controlled programming via the E1 emulator or E2 emulator, a serial or USB connection
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Free Download

Software Tools

Software Libraries

Software Library Featured Documents Download
Flash Self Programming Library (SelfLib_RL78) (Type T01, European Release) pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software
Data Flash Access Library (Type T01, European Release) pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software
EEPROM Emulation Library (EEPROM_EMULATION_RL78) (Type T01, European Release) pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software

Software Tools

Software Featured Documents Download
Applilet3 Code Generator pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software

Compiler Toolchain

Company Company Logo Description
IAR Systems
IAR Embedded Workbench provides extensive support for RL78 devices. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete set of development tools with leading optimization technology for creating powerful automotive applications.

Third-Party Support

Company Description  
SimuQuest Logo
SimuQuest’s QuantiPhi enables driver configuration and production code generation, seamlessly integrated with Simulink. QuantiPhi detects and resolves inconsistencies in real-time and automatically optimizes chip settings.
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QuantiPhi chip configuration and driver integration tool