Renesas supports your next-generation embedded system design with USB 3.0 compatible controllers and USB 2.0 hosts.

Controllers and Hosts

USB 3.0 and xHCI Host Controller

USB host controller based upon the USB 3.0 and eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) specifications. The system bus is compliant with the PCIe Gen2 specification.


USB 3.0 Hub Controller

USB hub controller which conforms with USB 3.0 standard. The controller supports a 5V single power supply with integrated regulators and low power consumption.


USB 2.0 Host/Peripheral Controller (Generic CPU Interface)

Single-chip solution that provides the USB communication functions of both host and peripheral devices for seamless integration of USB into your electronic devices.



USB 2.0 Peripheral Controller (Generic CPU Interface)

The peripheral controller is a small package with low power consumption and is built to provide optimum use in mobile bus power devices.


USB 2.0 Hub Controller

This hub controller is used to increase the number of USB ports available on a PC. Compliant with the PCI 1.1 specifications, the controller can be used as a standalone hub device, or as a compact solution for adding built-in USB ports to keyboards, displays, printers, and other peripheral devices.



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