RCTIMING-DEMO is a Renesas products combination kit. The kit includes a Renesas RL78 MCU, DA14531MOD Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) module, LDO, RTC (1338-31DVG) and programmable clock generator VersaClock 7 (VC7) to implement a demo kit to support programming clock generator through laptop or smartphone and supports two-clock output. The kit can be operated as a two-channel clock generator through SMA connector. And it can also be operated as a timing device to show date and time. Users can update the setting via a GUI on a laptop or an app on a smartphone. The frequency on two channels, date and time, are shown on the LCD screen.


  • Two-channel any rate frequency clock output
  • LVCMOS and HCSL clock format option on two-channel clock output
  • Timer shows date and time on LCD screen
  • USB and Bluetooth LE interface
  • GUI for laptop and app on smartphone for setting update



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