Renesas is a leading low-dropout regulator (LDO) supplier in low power handheld applications with world-class differentiated single and dual LDOs which have ultra-high PSRR up to 3MHz, low input voltage range, tiny packages, and ultra-low noise and quiescent current. Renesas' high current LDOs support up to 3A and have industry-leading fast load transient response, tightest voltage output accuracy at full load and over the full junction temperature, and lowest dropout voltage in their class.

Additionally, Renesas' low cost linear regulators generate a low voltage bias supply from intermediate distributed voltages commonly used in telecom and datacom applications. These devices may be used as start-up or as continuous low power regulators.

LDOs are also found in Renesas' Automotive Power Management and GreenPAK™ Programmable Mixed-signal Products products.

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Ultra-Low Noise LDOs for Sensitive Loads

Learn how the ultra-low noise RAA214020 and RAA214023 LDOs deliver high-performance for noise-sensitive applications.

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