Renesas' high-speed operational amplifier (op amp) portfolio delivers best-in-class performance-to-power ratio with superior drive and slew rate performance at full bandwidths. This makes our op amps the ideal choice for video and high-speed data transmission, A/D buffering, and high-frequency filtering.


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Analog 101 Webinar

This webinar provides an introductory technical overview of analog signal path products. Signal path products include operational amplifiers, voltage references, digital potentiometers, rs-485/rs-422, data converters, switches, muxes, and real time clocks.


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There are many 12V rails in industrial applications today that need a buck converter to step the voltage down to a lower voltage and deliver up to 14 amps. The ISL85009, ISL85012 and ISL85014 are pin compatible, very efficient and are able to deliver up to 14 amps.