The ISL55210 is a very wide band, Fully Differential Amplifier (FDA) intended for high dynamic range ADC input interface applications. This voltage feedback FDA design includes an independent output common mode voltage control. Intended for very high dynamic range ADC interface applications, at the lowest quiescent power (115mW), the ISL55210 offers a 4. 0GHz Gain Bandwidth Product with a very low input noise of 0. 85nV/√(Hz). In a balanced differential I/O configuration, with 2VP-P output into a 200Ω load configured for a gain of 15dB, the IM3 terms are


  • Gain Bandwidth Product: 4.0GHz
  • Input Voltage Noise: 0.85nV/√(Hz)
  • Differential Slew Rate: 5,600V/µs
  • 2VP-P, 2-tone IM3 (200Ω) 100MHz: -109dBc
  • Supply Voltage Range: 3.0V to 4.2V
  • Quiescent Power (3.3V Supply): 115mW


  • Low Power, High Dynamic Range ADC Interface
  • Differential Mixer Output Amplifier
  • SAW Filter Pre/Post Driver
  • Differential Comms-DAC Output Driver

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Active TQFN Tube 100
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Datasheets & Errata
ISL55210 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.36 MB
ISLA112P50 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.71 MB
ISLA214P50 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.77 MB
ISL55211 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.42 MB
User Guides & Manuals
ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z User Guide Manual PDF 2.02 MB
ISL55210TQFN-EVAL1Z, ISL55211TQFN-EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 669 KB
ISL55210-ABEVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 1.29 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
How to Bias Op-Amps Correctly Application Note PDF 263 KB
AN1993: Voltage Feedback versus Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers Application Note PDF 564 KB
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp Application Note PDF 357 KB
AN535: Design Considerations for a Data Acquisition System (DAS) Application Note PDF 843 KB
ISL55210IRTZ-EVALZ Design Files Design File ZIP 155 KB
ISL55210-ABEVAL1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 125 KB
ISLA214P50_ISL55210EV1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 286 KB
ISLA112P50/55210EV1Z Layers File Design File ZIP 246 KB
Analog ICs Brochure 日本語 Brochure PDF 4.20 MB
PIN19028 - Q3 Cy 19 Price Increase Notice Price Increase Notice PDF 208 KB
ISL55210 High Speed ADC Input Interface Solutions Other PDF 1.73 MB
TB514: Operational Amplifier Basics Other PDF 519 KB
PA14042 - Minimum Line Quantity Change Product Advisory PDF 363 KB
General-purpose operational amplifiers and comparators Pamphlet ( D18268EJ2V0PF00 ) Flyer PDF 1.11 MB

Boards & Kits

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ISL55210-ABEVAL1Z High-Speed Differential Amplifier in an Active Balun Configuration Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
ISL55210IRTZ-EVALZ Wideband, Low-Power, Ultra-High Dynamic Range Differential Amplifier Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
ISLA112P50/55210EV1Z Ultra-Low Power Broadband 8- to 14-Bit Data Acquisition Kit Evaluation Renesas
ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Ultra-High Performance Broadband 12- to 16-Bit Data Acquisition Pkit Evaluation Renesas