Ron Koh
Ron Koh
RX Marketing Leader

Happy New Year 2022!

2021 has come to an end and bring yet another significant milestone for Renesas RX Microcontroller (MCUs). We survived through many challenges for more than 10 years since launched. In 2021, after celebrating its 10th anniversary, we are faced with production issues due to the Earthquake and the Naka 3 fire in the early part of 2021 that cause severe damages to our plant and equipment. We come back strongly in Q3/2021 and again faced with the global semiconductor supply shortage. We are grateful to the support of our customers, partners, and suppliers during this period for us to hit our record accumulated shipment of 1 billion pcs in end 2021. 

Looking ahead, we have been putting a lot more investment into our production, going into a dual fab facility to ease the global shortage issue and providing more flexibility into production. This will greatly help in our customer’s demand in 2022 and beyond. We are constantly monitoring and improving the situation.

Renesas RX family has been very much successful in both the consumer and industrial application. 50% of our market share come from Industrial application and about 30% come from consumer. These will still be our primary focus in the next few years and at the same time focusing on IoT related application in these 2 areas.

In term of product, we will be introducing a lot more variation of new packages, memory version for some of our newer MCUs like RX66T, RX671 and RX140 in the first half of 2022. In the 2nd half, we are releasing another new product from our RX600 flagship series where we will bring you a new product in the mid-range performance targeting specifically for Consumer/Industrial application. Beyond 2022, there are also many new products that are under planning and development where we will be working to further enhance our process and adding new features for specific application like Motor Control, Industrial Networking and Sensing, Smart IoT/Cloud Connectivity, Enhanced IoT Security etc.

In 2022, we will also be introducing 2 new wireless cloud solutions for your enablement to IoT/Cloud application where it is capable of quick connect to both AWS and Azure Cloud. At the same time, we will also be extending more of our microcontrollers in the HMI space where you can easily build a GUI Display Solution at a lower cost. Moving ahead, our primary focus will be on Smart IoT/Cloud Connectivity and Enhance Security solution that will bring you a much higher security and easy connection for your next Smart IoT application.

We have established the Renesas RX Partners Ecosystem site where we are enabling a comprehensive partner ecosystem to deliver an array of software and hardware building blocks that will work out-of-the box with Renesas RX Family MCUs. The Renesas RX ecosystem will accelerate the development of IoT applications, including core technologies such as security, safety, connectivity, and HMI among others. We will continue adding more solutions and adding more strategic partners into the list to give you a wider choice of your preferred partners and solution.
There are a lot more you can expect from the Renesas RX Family MCUs in the years to come. We are continuously improving our website to enhance your user experience (UX) and bring you a new dimension and experience as we move towards the digital transformation (DX). We will be updating more webinar, video, development environment to give you a much easier and friendly usage when developing using our RX MCUs. At the same time, we will also be extending more of our existing PLP (Product Longevity Program) to more packages and memory line up to ensure a longer supply and extensibility, to give you a peace of mind when designing our RX MCUs especially during this supply shortage situation.    

We will also be sharing more updates in the Renesas RX Blog post, targeting a weekly based theme content as well. More sharing will also be done via our social media channels where we will be sharing our latest information/updates for all our RX MCU, it’s solution, development environment, tool, and infrastructure. Stay tune to our blogs/SNS channels for the latest updates. 

Finally, do stay safe and health while we are still flighting this global pandemic. Hopefully 2022 can bring us all a safer and better future!

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