For healthcare drug delivery devices, such as infusion pumps or insulin pumps, exact dosing is crucial. Drug delivery measurements and exact control of the dosing motor is required. Motors are typically three-phase BLDC (brushless DC) types with a few watts (e.g. using 12V). For flow sensing, a factory-calibrated sensor or custom sensors may be used. Bluetooth® communication, to provide an up-to-date GUI via smartphone and additional interfaces (like Ethernet or a medical-grade isolated USB), may also be needed. Some end products may also require an uninterrupted power supply (e.g. using Li-ion cells).

This design uses a combination of two MCUs, which includes the latest RA6M3 for motor control and sensor measurement, and the RX23W for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 5 communication. It also includes analog components, like DC/DC regulators, an Li-ion battery charger, a MOSFET bridge driver, and a factory-calibrated flow sensor.

System Benefits:

  • Both pump types supported: infusion pump and insulin pump
  • Motor control for BLDC or PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) with analog or hall sensors/encoders, optional gear (also with a high gear ratio)
  • Flow measurement: Integrated sensor or use an MCU-integrated AFE for custom sensor setup
  • Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy 5, Wi-Fi, Ethernet (e.g. for infusion pump) and multiple serial interfaces for optional NB-IoT, isolated USB I/F
  • HMI: LCD (for infusion pump) and touch and/or gesture control for better sterile environments
  • Optional battery management (e.g. 2x Li-ion cells for uninterrupted power supply)