Renesas offers a recycling monitor and low-cost instrument system for waste collection vehicles. It is intended to support the efficient use and routing of vehicles for automated waste management systems.

System Benefits:

  • Comprehensive solution for integrated waste management systems with an information dashboard
  • Efficient garbage collection with optimized route planning including weight and location of garbage cans
  • Reduce development cost with Renesas-related reference hardware and software like Low-cost TFT Instrument Cluster, EK-RA2A1, Loadcell Reference Design
  • Reliable system with Renesas NVRAM and SD-Card mass storage for data backup
  • High precision of weight measurement thanks to 24-bit sigma-delta ADC integrated in the RA2A1




  • Waste collection management system

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AS037 Sheet.913 Sheet.904 Line.696 Sheet.906 Antenna.443 Sheet.908 Sheet.909 Sheet.910 Sheet.911 Sheet.912 Sheet.897 Antenna.443 Sheet.899 Sheet.900 Sheet.901 Sheet.902 Sheet.903 Optional Non-Renesas Component Optional Non-Renesas Component.884 Right arrow.252 Down arrow.256.810 Down arrow.811 AS037 AS037 AS037 Right arrow.252.735 Right arrow.736 Communication Lines B.737 Label Text 10pt.738 4 4 Communication Lines B.740 Label Text 10pt.741 2 2 Load Cell Load Cell Load Cell RFID Reader RFID Reader RFID Reader Right arrow.252.753 Left arrow.266.766 3.3V 485mApk 3.3V 485mApk 3.3V 485mApk Double arrow.267.769 Communication Lines B.781 Label Text 10pt.782 2 2 Signal.790 Sheet.791 Sheet.792 Sheet.793 Sheet.794 Cluster ECU Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Right arrow.252.797 Monitoring ECU Monitoring ECU Monitoring ECU Cluster ECU Cluster ECU Cluster ECU Mass Storage SD Card Mass Storage SD Card Mass Storage SD Card Non-Volatile MRAM Non-Volatile MRAM Non-VolatileMRAM Left arrow.266.812 Line.254.813 Left arrow.266.814 Line.254.815 3.3V.818 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V/45mApk 3.3V/ 45mApk 3.3V/45mApk Communication Lines B.795 Label Text 10pt.796 4 4 Communication Lines B.822 Label Text 10pt.823 4 4 Display RFID ID, Weight, etc. Display RFID ID, Weight, etc. Display RFID ID, Weight, etc. Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Module Double arrow.834 Down arrow.256 Communication Lines B.852 Label Text 10pt.853 2 2 Line.254 Left arrow.266 Line.254.863 Down arrow.256.864 GPS GPS GPS Double arrow.267.828 Communication Lines B.831 Label Text 10pt.832 4 4 Gateway ECU Gateway ECU Gateway ECU Double arrow.267 Communication Lines B.829 Label Text 10pt.830 2 2 Down arrow.256.871 Down arrow.872 Communication Lines B.874 Label Text 10pt.875 2 2 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Cellular IoT Module LTE-M Module GM01Q LTE-M Module GM01Q 3.3V/28.5mApk 3.3V/ 28.5mApk 3.3V/28.5mApk TTL or LVDS TTL or LVDS 1024x1024 (max) TTL or LVDS1024x1024 (max) 1* 1* 1* Sheet.885 Communication Lines B.835 Label Text 10pt.836 2 2 Monitoring ECU Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Sheet.888 Sheet.914 Line.696 Sheet.896 Antenna.443 Sheet.891 Sheet.892 Sheet.893 Sheet.894 Sheet.895 12V Battery Battery.233 Sheet.755 Sheet.756 Sheet.757 Sheet.758 Label Text 10pt.798 12V 12V MCU Cluster ECU MCU Cluster ECU MCU MCU Peripheral.778 CAN CAN Peripheral.784 SPI SPI Peripheral.785 SPI SPI Peripheral.786 Video I/O Video I/O Peripheral.789 UART UART Peripheral.801 VCC VCC Peripheral.802 RTCA RTCA Peripheral.844 UART UART Peripheral.788 SPI SPI Peripheral.787 CAN CAN Peripheral.869 UART UART MCU Monitoring ECU MCU Monitoring ECU MCU MCU Peripheral VCC VCC Peripheral.745 ADC ADC Peripheral.746 UART UART Peripheral.747 CAN CAN Multiple connectivity options are based on regional needs 1Multiple connectivity options are based on regional needs 1Multiple connectivity options are based on regional needs Wi-SUN Wi-SUN Wi-SUN
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