This reference design completely meets all customer requirements for an instrument cluster with telematics. It includes connectivity, tell-tale indicators, Wi-Fi mirroring of a mobile screen, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) connection, and brightness control of a TFT and camera image display.

System Benefits:

  • Cost-effective, compact, and simple real-world vehicle instrument cluster to achieve graphics and connectivity. ​
  • Sample application software to jumpstart the application development. Sample firmware is Bare Metal C code and does not require any Linux/Android OS know-how to start development.​
  • Ready connectivity options available on the reference board - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Ethernet, GPS, and GSM-4G.​
  • Independent dual port CAN enables connection with other ECUs on the vehicle bus and also provides a separate interface for a diagnostic port.​
  • Eliminates expensive SerDes camera interface, replacing it with HD Link that interfaces to a low-cost analog camera via Single Twisted Pair [UTP/STP] connection without losing video quality.​
  • Support for cellphone-like UI using popular tools such as Qt, Candera, etc. is available.




  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

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AS252 AS252 AS252 AS252 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery Sheet.133 Double arrow.2150 Double arrow.2166 Label Text 10pt.2367 Label Text 10pt.2368 TFT Display (Up to 9") TFT Display (Up to 9") TFT Display(Up to 9") Real-Time Clock Real-Time Clock Real-Time Clock CAN 1 CAN CAN Light Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy GPS GPS GPS GSM-4G GSM-4G GSM-4G Video Decoder Video Decoder Video Decoder AHL Camera Ref Design AHL Camera Ref Design AHL Camera Ref Design Connector Arrow Buck Controller/LDO Buck Controller/LDO Buck Controller/LDO Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.233 Connector double arrow.234 Connector double arrow.235 Connector double arrow.236 Connector double arrow.237 Connector double arrow.238 Connector double arrow.239 Connector double arrow.240 Connector Arrow.241 Communication Lines B.135 Communication Lines B.251 Reference Board Reference Board Reference Board Single Twisted Pair (UTP/STP) Single Twisted Pair (UTP/STP) Single Twisted Pair (UTP/STP) BT656 BT656 BT656 LVDS LVDS LVDS 3.3V/5V 3.3V/5V 3.3V/5V Connector double arrow.260 MCU MCU MCU MCU CAN 2 CAN CAN I2C 1 I2C I2C I2C 2 I2C I2C VCC VCC VCC UART/SPI UART/SPI UART/SPI UART 1 UART UART UART 2 UART UART UART 3 UART UART VDCE VDCE VDCE
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