This is a battery-operated stand-alone system with wireless connectivity that uses low-power Wi-Fi communication to detect the leakage of flammable gas. It can be a very useful system for industrial and household applications. In this system, the information about the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)/Piped Natural Gas (PNG) gas leakage can be detected, alarmed and communicated to users through a single microcontroller (MCU) with built-in Wi-Fi communication. The Wi-Fi communicates with the nearest router and sends the updates via push notification over the user's phone through a dedicated mobile app.

System Benefits​:

  • Wireless connection for an IoT system with a DA16200 Wi-Fi module.
  • Improved algorithm for very long lifetime, ultra-low power consumption using the ZMOD4410 indoor air quality and HS3001 relative humidity/temperature sensors for leakage detection.
  • Extended interfaces using PMOD for Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) or stand-alone MCU operation.
  • Stand alone, wall-mounted system, very small in size and low component count.
  • LED indication is given for Wi-Fi connectivity indication.
  • Buzzer indication for safety/security risk from a gas leak.




  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Piped Natural Gas (PNG) leak detection
  • Industrial gas leak detection
  • Kitchen air quality and temperature detection
  • Kitchen chimney

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Template 1 Sheet.267 Sheet.253 Sheet.254 Darlington.131 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Darlington.254 Sheet.259 Sheet.260 Darlington.254 Ground (earth).262 Sheet.263 Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Connector Arrow.242 Connector Arrow.220 Connector Arrow.221 Connector Arrow.222 AS043 AS043 AS043 Buck-Boost Buck-Boost Buck-Boost TVOC Sensor TVOC Sensor TVOC Sensor Temperature & Humidity Sensor Temperature & Humidity Sensor Temperature & Humidity Sensor PMOD 6A PMOD 6A PMOD 6A Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.166 Connector double arrow.167 Vertical Wire Bundle Label Text 10pt.1046 12 12 Sheet.170 Vertical Wire Bundle.171 Label Text 10pt.1046 2 2 Sheet.173 Vertical Wire Bundle.174 Label Text 10pt.1046 2 2 Sheet.176 Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.178 3.3V/5.2mA 3.3V/5.2mA 3.3V/5.2mA Label Text 10pt.180 3.3V/24.4uA 3.3V/24.4uA Connector Line Connector 1.102 Connector Arrow.183 3.3V/500mA 3.3V/500mA 3.3V/500mA Connector Line.185 Connector Arrow.186 Connector 1.102.187 3V 3V 3V Switch Switch Switch Sheet.191 Connector Line.198 Sheet.202 Sheet.193 Sheet.194 Sheet.192 Battery Double-cell 1.96 Sheet.208 Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Line 1pt.1552 Line 1pt.1608 Ground (earth) Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 3.3V/280mA 3.3V/280mA 3.3V/280mA Sheet.228 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.229 Sheet.230 Sheet.231 RESET RESET RESET ON/OFF ON/OFF ON/OFF Speaker speaker_8_ Sheet.236 Sheet.237 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Buzzer Buzzer Buzzer Indication LED Indication LED Indication LED MCU EP Multi-function block MCU MCU Peripheral GPIO GPIO Peripheral.158 VDD VDD Peripheral.159 I2C I2C Peripheral.160 PMOD PMOD
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