Keeping track of our things and our family is vitally important. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to embed a tracker into our clothing to do this? For example, shoes are an integral part of our daily routine and integration of a safety feature, would make them even more useful. Parents are very worried about their children’s safety. A tracker in a child’s shoe allows parents to stay informed about their child’s location. An embedded SOS alarm or information system can be another useful tool, to be used in case of an emergency, the location and alarm can be sent. The air quality sensor can be useful in providing safety from any allergies. Wired or Wireless fast charging options are also available.

System Benefits​:

  • SOS emergency indication using GSM and GPS for location tracking
  • Low-cost, low power system 
  • Wireless charging option for contactless fast charging
  • Air quality sensing to avoid allergies




  • Shoe tracking for kids
  • Personnel safety alarm band