This solution is for a video IP phone with Hi-Fi audio support. The phone also has automatic noise cancellation and a voice wake-up function. The system supports large touch panel displays, eliminating the need for mechanical buttons, and provides a scalable IP communication platform.

System Benefits​:

  • Multi-touch LCD screen with an on-screen virtual keyboard for easier communication
  • One USB Type-A and one USB Type-C for media storage
  • Integrated Wi-Fi/Bluetooth®
  • System supports multiple audio sources, handset, headset and speakerphone, and USB headset
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet available
  • OS for Linux and Android
  • Dual power option via 48V power supply or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • System can auto-detect the headphone plug in to simplify the design (no software needed)
  • System can auto-detect handset by a proximity sensor




  • IP phones
  • Video IP phones
  • Visual communication systems
  • Intercoms