For traditional fuel-based vehicles, a cooling system is used to dissipate heat into the air to prevent the engine from overheating. For electric vehicles (EV), a cooling system is also important for the battery pack. This solution provides a valuable reference design based on an automotive MCU as the core, key power devices, MOSFET and drivers, in order to support brushless DC (BLDC) / field-oriented control (FOC) motor control.

System Benefits:

  • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified MCU supports BLDC/FOC motor control
  • Wide input buck regulator supports 12V/24V battery
  • 60V N-ch MOSFET and 55V/1A H-Bridge FET driver are suitable for car body applications




  • Automotive Motor Control
  • Electric Vehicle (EV)

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CN364 CN364 CN364 CN364 LDO LDO LDO Humidity/Temp Sensor Humidity/Temp Sensor Humidity/Temp Sensor H-Bridge x2 H-Bridge x2 H-Bridge x2 12V Battery 12V/24V Battery 12V/24V Battery Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.129 Connector Arrow.131 Connector Line Connector double arrow Connector Arrow.134 Connector Arrow.135 Connector Line.136 Connector Arrow.137 3.3V/150mAmax 3.3V/150mAmax 3.3V/150mAmax 5V/150mA 5V/150mA 5V/150mA Connector Arrow.141 Connector dotted arrow Connector Line.143 Connector Line.144 Connector Line.145 Connector Arrow.146 Connector Arrow.147 Motor Motor Motor.150 M M Connector Arrow.151 Fan/Pump Fan/Pump.164 Fan/Pump Fan/Pump.166 Fan/Pump.167 Fan/Pump Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Fan/Pump Sheet.172 Sheet.173 Fan/Pump Sheet.175 Sheet.176 Fan/Pump Fan/Pump Fan/Pump To ECU To ECU To ECU 2 Communication Lines B.795 2 2 2 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 Connector 1 Connector 1.218 Option Option Option Buck Buck Buck Connector Arrow.221 Thermal MOSFET x6 Thermal MOSFET x6 ThermalMOSFET x6 OP AMP Op Amp Op Amp MCU MCU MCU MCU 12C I2C I2C 10bit ADC 10bit ADC 10bitADC CMP CMP CMP Can CAN CAN PWM PWM PWM
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