This system is a high-performance xEV traction motor and regeneration control solution using the RH850/C1M-Ax automotive microcontroller (MCU), supporting ASIL C and incorporating lock-step CPU cores and sophisticated motor control IP (EMU3).

System Benefits​:

  • Enhances diagnostic features and significantly reduces board area and BOM cost using an embedded resolver-to-digital (RDC) interface on the RH850/C1M-Ax MCU.
  • Provides a proven system-design approach through a power management IC (PMIC) specifically designed for the RH850/C series of automotive MCUs, optimizing BOM cost and board space.
  • Includes ready-to-start motor control software using the MCU EMU3 and embedded RDC.




  • Traction motor control in EVs – Passenger and commercial vehicles

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AS-temp AS230 AS230 AS230 PMIC PMIC PMIC P-Channel MOSFET P-Channel MOSFET P-Channel MOSFET Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp CAN 1 CAN CAN LIN 1 LIN LIN SENT SENT SENT Gate Driver Gate Driver Gate Driver IGBT/FRD IGBT/FRD IGBT/FRD Inductive Position Sensor Inductive Position Sensor Inductive Position Sensor Resolver Resolver Resolver Motor.130 Motor M M Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.133 Connector Line Connector Line.135 Connector Line.136 Connector Arrow.137 Connector Arrow.142 Connector Line.144 Connector Arrow.145 Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.148 Connector double arrow.149 Connector Arrow.150 Connector Arrow.151 Connector Arrow.152 Connector dotted arrow.158 Connector dotted arrow Starter Kit Starter Kit Starter Kit Excitation Excitation Excitation Sin/cos (analog) Sin/cos (analog) Sin/cos (analog) 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery .123 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery Connector Arrow.167 MCU MCU MCU MCU LIN 2 LIN LIN CAN 2 CAN CAN RDC RDC RDC VDD VDD VDD
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