The ZSSC5101 is a CMOS integrated circuit for con­verting sine and cosine signals obtained from magnetoresistive bridge sensors into a ratiometric analog voltage with a user-programmable range of travel and clamping levels. The ZSSC5101 accepts sensor bridge arrangements for both rotational as well as linear movement. Depending on the type of sensor bridge, a full-scale travel range of up to 360 mechanical degrees can be obtained. Programming of the device is performed through the output pin, allowing in-line programming of fully assembled 3-wire sensors. Programming param­eters are stored in an EEPROM and can be re-pro­grammed multiple times. The ZSSC5101 is fully automotive-qualified with an ambient temperature range up to 150°C for SSOP-14 or 160°C for die.

For more information about the ZSSC5101 visit www.IDT.com/ZSSC5101.