Brief overview of IDT's zero-delay buffers. Zero-delay buffers (ZDB) are ideal for applications requiring synchronized clocking for FPGAs, CPUs, logic and synchronous memory. Zero-delay buffers are PLL-based devices that regenerate the input clock signal with fanout to drive multiple loads. Most devices allow the delay through the device to be adjusted through an external feedback path. This allows precise control of the timing of the clock signals to the loads. Zero-delay buffers provide a synchronous copy of the input clock at the outputs, usually without frequency translation. Simple frequency translation is possible when a single divider is used for all outputs, including feedback output, to maintain clock synchronization.Presented by Vik Chaudhry, technical marketing manager at IDT. For more information about IDT's rich portfolio of clock IC timing solutions, visit www.idt.com/go/clocks.



Thank you for joining us for an overview of IDT's fanout buffers. My name Vik Chaudhry. I'm Marketing Manager for IDT's timing products. 
We also have zero delay buffers in our portfolio. A zero delay buffer is a PLL-based device that provides an output that is in phase alignment with the input signal. In this category of devices we have parts with multiple outputs, different levels of inputs and outputs, and different divider ratios. Designers like these types of devices when they want really tight control over timing of their board. 
IDT has a very large portfolio of fanout and clock distribution devices. To make it easy to select these parts, we have developed collateral that can be used. This collateral is located on the IDT website under clock and timing products. If you look under fanout buffers and dividers, you will see this collateral available.
We also have an excellent application support for all the clocks and clock distribution devices. Most of our products include IBIS models. We also have application notes for various termination schemes, filter recommendations, and we also review schematics. If you have any questions, please feel free to either drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you for choosing IDT timing products.