The ISL78365 automotive grade laser diode driver offers high drive capability, switching speed and color video accuracy enabling advanced laser head-up displays for luxury and mid-range car models.


ISL78365 High-Performance Laser Diode Driver for Automotive Heads-Up Displays

Hi, my name is Jack Yee, I'm an application manager here at Intersil.

Today I'd like to introduce the ISL78365, a high-performance laser diode driver for automotive scanning heads-up display.

A vehicle's heads-up display keeps the driver's focus on the road, safely provides speed, warning signs, and other vital vehicle and navigational information on the windshield directly in front of the driver's line of sight.

Combined with the augmented reality, the laser scanning heads-up display offers a safer driving experience. The ISL78365 is the industry's only automotive qualified laser diode driver for the laser scanning heads-up display.

It has four channels that support a wide variety of color laser diode configurations, allowing system designers to achieve the desired brightness, contrast, and rich color image.

Some of the key features include up to 750mA current per channel, fast output scanning speed with pulse rise and fall time of sub-1.5ns for crisp pixels, supports up to 150MHz maximum output pixel clock rate, and it has a laser voltage sampler with integrated dynamic power optimized controller to conserve system power.

Intersil has an eval kit. When you order the kit, you'll get a CD with the software and the documentations, eval board, and a USB cable. Now the purpose of the eval board is designed such that it enables the users to quickly interface directly to their target system via the parallel port. That way with the GUI and our script you'll be quickly be able to test the performance of your system with the performance of the ISL78365.

Thank you for watching.