The ISL91212AEVAL1Z evaluation board is used to evaluate the high performance features of the ISL91212A multi-output PMIC, which has three controllers capable of configuring its power stages for 2+1+1 channel outputs. Each channel can deliver up to 5A continuous output current per phase. The ISL91212A uses the Renesas proprietary R5 modulator technology to maintain accurate voltage regulation, while providing excellent efficiency and transient response. It also supports the standard I2C communication protocol, ideal for systems using a single-cell battery.


  • Small, compact design
  • Supports I2C bus communication protocol
  • Adjustable VOUT and independent DVS control for both channels
  • Real-time fault protection and monitor (OC, UV, OV, OT)
  • Six layer board design optimized for thermal performance and efficiency
  • Connectors, test points, and jumpers for easy measurements
  • Built-in load transient circuits for each output channel


  • Smartphones
  • AR/VR glasses
  • Drones
  • Optical transceiver modules
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) processors
  • Client/Enterprise/Data center SSD, NAS


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ISL91212A, ISL91212B Datasheet データシート PDF 2.86 MB
star ISL91212AEVAL1Z Evaluation Board Manual ガイド PDF 2.79 MB


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Multiphase PMIC I2C Control Tool Rev C5 ソフトウェア/ツール-その他 ZIP 301.07 MB
ISL91212AEVAL1Z Design Files PCB設計ファイル ZIP 2.45 MB