The F2950EVBI is a fully populated evaluation board, enabling easy RF evaluation of the F2950 product. 

“Thru” calibration connectors are conveniently located on the eval board to simplify the calibration process prior to making any RF measurements. The RF measurement can be made by applying the correct control logic voltage to the control pins as outlined in the datasheet. DC power, ground and the control voltages are applied to the pin header. 


  • RF connectors for RFC, RF1 and RF2, and the "Thru" calibration ports for easy calibration prior to making RF measurements
  • The F2950EVBI has a number of control features available:
    • Refer to the evaluation board kit application circuit, evaluation board kit picture and applications information in the datasheet to properly connect to and control the evaluation board features
    • All bias and logic controls are applied to the appropriate pins of the pin header located on the evaluation board


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star F2950 Datasheet データシート PDF 4.19 MB



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