The ISLACDC750WEVKIT1Z evaluation kit is designed to demonstrate ATX PC power supply applications based on the ISL6754 ZVS full-bridge PWM controller, ISL6731A and ISL6731B power factor correction (PFC) controllers, and the ISL6721 single-ended current mode PWM controller. With a 400V DC bus, the converter can output 12V at 62.5A. The efficiency performance can reach upward of 80%. Overall protection functions such as input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, and short circuit protection make the circuit very reliable. The PSON pin provides an interface to remotely control the board, and a power-good (PG) pin indicates the working condition of the circuit. The circuit can also be adapted to a battery charger.


  • Current sharing
  • ORing: Hot swap
  • OCP: Constant current
  • Stand-by mode turn off PFC and DC/DC


  • ZVS full-bridge converters
  • Telecom and datacom power
  • Wireless basestation power
  • File server power
  • Industrial power systems
  • Isolated buck and flyback regulators
  • Boost regulators
  • Desktop computer AC/DC adapters
  • Laptop computer AC/DC adapters
  • TV AC/DC power supplies
  • AC/DC brick converters

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Datasheets & Errata
ISL6731A, ISL6731B Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1001 KB
ISL6721 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.11 MB
ISL6754 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.43 MB
User Guides & Manuals
ISLACDC750WEVKIT1Z Evaluation Kit User Guide Manual PDF 2.25 MB
ISL6721EVAL3Z User Guide Manual PDF 572 KB
AN1603: ISL6752/54EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 3.45 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN1619: Designing with ISL6752DBEVAL1Z and ISL6754DBEVAL1Z Control Cards Application Note PDF 1.49 MB
AN1681: Grounding Techniques Application Note PDF 509 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground Application Note PDF 397 KB
AN1243: Getting Started with iSim and iSim:PE Application Note PDF 436 KB
ISL6752DBEVAL1Z, ISL6754DBEVAL1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 2.45 MB
ISL6742BEVAL3Z Design Files Design File ZIP 448 KB
ISL6730 Component Selection Guideline Calculation Sheet Software & Tools - Others XLSX 1.29 MB