SQMlint is a tool to inspect C source codes according to MISRA C rules (Note1). Because SQMlint assists developers in source code review through automatic inspection, it helps to develop high-quality C source codes efficiently. Furthermore, because problem codes can be detected by only adding compile options, the user can correct problem codes as easily as when correcting compile errors.


[About MISRA C]

  1. MISRA C refers to the guidelines for the use of the C language in vehicle-based software that have been created by the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA), a nonprofit organization for software reliability that was organized primarily by the automotive industry. These guidelines stipulate 127 rules relating to the program description in C language, which are referred to as MISRA C rules.
  2. "MISRA" and the triangle logo are registered trademarks of HORIBA MIRA Ltd, held on behalf of the MISRA Consortium.

The MISRA C rule checker is being supported with a compiler option by the following compilers professional editions.

  • Compiler Package for RL78 Family (CC-RL)
  • Compiler Package for RX Family (CC-RX)
  • Compiler Package for RH850 Family (CC-RH)

Without buying a product separately, the MISRA C rule checker can be used.

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Release Information

Latest Ver.: V.1.03 Release 00B

Released: Oct 16, 2010

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment


  1. "C/C++ Compiler Package for the R8C and M16C Families 2011.04 " (released on 1 April, 2011) bundles MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint V.1.03 Release 00C which is identical in functionality with V.1.03 Release 00B.
  2. When you run MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint in combination with the C/C++ Compiler Package for H8SX, H8S, H8 Family V.7.00 or later, use SQMlint V.1.03 Release 00A or later.

Target Devices


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Additional Details


MISRA C rule inspection during compilation
Source codes can be inspected against MISRA C rules by only specifying options when compiling the source files. There is no need to build an inspection-purpose environment.
Adaptable to special options of the Renesas C compiler
If special options such as one that handles the double type as float type are used, C source codes are inspected by taking the effects of those options into consideration.
Usable in the Renesas integrated development environments, High-performance Embedded Workshop and TM
You can make a tag jump in Renesas integrated development environment HEW or TM based on the output results and correct the C source codes on the spot. Therefore, deviations from MISRA C rules can be corrected in the same way as when correcting compile errors.
Inspection results output in CSV format (Report file)
The inspection results are output as report files in CSV format usable in spreadsheet software, and can be analyzed more efficiently by using bundled utilities.

[Number of MISRA C Rules that can be Inspected]

Rule classification Number of rules inspected (number of rules inspectable by SQMlint / total number of rules)
Required 67/93
Advisory 19/34
Total 86/127

[List of Supported MISRA C Rules]

User's Manual


  • MISRA C rule checker: SQMlint
  • Inspection result merge utility for SQMlint: SQMmerger
  • Inspection result file format conversion utility for SQMlint: SQMform
  • PDF manual

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