The DA16200 development kit is the most ideal way to quickly and easily get started developing applications and products using ultra-low power Wi-Fi.

If you are looking to develop a battery-powered IoT application, the DA16200 Wi-Fi developer kit will get you started in minutes. This Wi-Fi development kit contains everything you need to familiarize yourself with and evaluate the ultra-low power DA16200 chipset, the world’s lowest power Wi-Fi chip specifically designed to meet power sensitive wireless applications.


  • Ultra-low power Wi-Fi technology
  • More than 1-year battery life for most applications
  • Industry leading range
  • Fully integrated Wi-Fi system on chip (SoC)
  • Full offload capability
  • Comprehensive security capabilities
  • Easy to use development tools means shorter time to market


  • Highly integrated ultra-low power DA16200 Wi-Fi system module
  • Best RF performance
  • SoC runs full networking OS and TCP/IP stack
  • Built-in 4-channel auxiliary ADC for sensor interfaces
  • Advanced security
  • Built-in hardware crypto engines for advanced security
  • Complete software stack
  • eMMC/SD expanded memory



  • Smart door locks
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart doorbells
  • Wireless cameras
  • Smoke alarms
  • Window/Door sensors
  • Garage door openers
  • Pet trackers
  • Asset trackers
  • Home automation
  • Smart IoT sensors


Type Title Date
Quick Start Guide PDF 6.05 MB
Schematic ZIP 8.36 MB
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Demonstration of Matter Protocol Using DA16200

Matter is single unified IP-based protocol to securely and robustly connect smart devices with each other, regardless of brand, and across smart home ecosystems.