The PTX30W is a powerful and efficient NFC Listener system-on-chip for NFC wireless charging applications together with data communication. The PTX30W features a single-chip solution for NFC-based wireless charging systems which harvest power, handle wireless charging protocol, and charge a Lithium-ion battery. While eliminating external discrete components, the superior RF performance of the PTX30W enables small antenna design, fast charging and allows flexible placement of Poller and Listener antennas.


  • Highly integrated NFC Wireless Charging Listener device
    • Highly efficient Active Rectifier
    • Up to 1W harvesting power
    • RF interface according to NFC-Forum Type 2 Tag
    • Li-Ion battery charger with charging current from 5mA to 250mA
    • MCU LDO with 1.8V or 3.3V output, up to 50mA
    • Embedded power negotiation logic
  • Designed according to NFC Forum Wireless Charging standard
  • NFC Custom NDEF feature
  • Standalone operation (optional external Host MCU)
  • I2C slave interface
  • 2x configurable GPIOs
  • On-chip overvoltage limiter circuit




  • Stylus
  • Smart ring
  • Smart glasses
  • Wearable devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical sensors


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PTX30W Fully Integrated NFC Wireless Charging Listener

PTX30W is the industry's first fully integrated listener for NFC wireless charging and it brings unmatched benefits to the charging system.

  • Compact standalone NFC wireless charging listener integrating NFC tag with digital interface, power harvesting, and battery charger 
  • Fully  autonomous listener operation with on-chip power regulation control
  • Protocol following NFC Forum wireless charging specifications 

Learn more about the innovative PTX30W and the evaluation kit for NFC Wireless Charging.