The ISL70617SEHEV1Z evaluation board is designed to assess the performance of the ISL70617SEH radiation hardened, differential input, differential output, precision instrumentation amplifier (in-amp).

The ISL70617 is a high-performance rad hardened instrumentation amp built on the PR40 process. With separate supply rails for the input and output stages and gain ranging from 0.1 to 10,000, the ISL70617SEH is ideal for a wide variety of applications. The gain accuracy is limited only by the matching of the gain resistors and the output is capable of driving rail-to-rail.


  • Separate input and output supplies allow signals riding on a high common-mode voltage to be level shifted to a low voltage device.
  • Banana jack connectors for simple power supply connections.
  • Multiple connectors to easily access VIN and VOUT



  • ADC drivers
  • Precision test and measurement
  • High voltage process control
  • Signal conditioning for remote powered sensors
  • Satellite communication


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