The SLG4RSTIC-DMO is a system reset demonstration board.

GreenPAK™ is an ideal solution for a fully customizable system reset IC. Since electronics containing complex, code-based Integrated Circuits (ICs) are prone to lock-ups, it can lead to a degraded user experience, damaged components, safety concerns and, ultimately, lower sales. Adding an additional layer of stability to systems is made easy with GreenPAK’s programmable digital and analog components, available in incredibly small packages. Since GreenPAK is entirely implemented in hardware, there is never any worry of lock-ups or missed events.

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  • GreenPAK Enhances System Stability
    • No code to avoid errors, hang-ups, or missed reset events
    • 100% hardware to ensure stability
  • GreenPAK Reduces Board Size
    • Being as small as 1.2 mm² it is a perfect solution for mobile and wearable electronics.
  • GreenPAK Lowers Power Consumption
    • GreenPAK is asynchronous and responds instantly to provide the best user experience
    • Low power consumption in static mode
    • Fast Response Time
  • GreenPAK Offers Configurable Reset Pulse Time
    • GreenPAK flexible timing adjusts to various microcontroller reset pulse widths
  • GreenPAK Maximizes GPIO Flexibility
    • Flexible signal routing – PCB layout and routing
    • Configurable I/O - Pull-up/down resistors
    • Customizable logic– Active-low/high



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