The iW690 integrates a synchronous rectifier (SR) controller, secondary-side regulation controller and a unique Zero Standby Power mode into one device for power supplies to 140W with excellent active mode efficiency and zero standby power capability at no-load. The ZSP mode enables systems with long periods of inactivity to reduce the power supply consumption to < 5mW by putting the iW690 into an ultra-low power consumption mode.  The iW690, in turn, communicates to the ZSP-compatible primary-side controller (iW9860, iW9870) to put that device also into an ultra-low standby power mode, reducing the total power consumption to < 5mW, while making it instantly available when the ZSP mode is disabled.

The iW690 supports adaptive SR control and drive for optimal efficiency and drives a n-channel disconnect switch to disconnect the power supply from the output during zero standby power mode, making the solution to reduce the power consumption low-cost and easy to design. Fully digital voltage compensation eliminates the need for external passive components for loop compensation.


  • Integrated secondary-side controller with zero standby power capability
    • Secondary-side regulation
    • Integrated synchronous rectifier controller
    • NFET driver for disconnect function
    • Zero Standby Power (ZSP) mode
  • Supports up to 7A of current, 21V output voltage
  • TDFN-14 package enables single-sided PCB designs for lower cost power supplies
  • Intelligent, standby power mode
    • Zero standby power (< 5mW) when paired with iW9860, iW9870
    • < 20mW standby power when paired with iW9861
  • Built-in digital loop compensation reduces external component count
  • Supports both DCM and CCM operation
  • Rich protection for:
    • Over-voltage (OVP)
    • Over-current (OCP)
    • User-configurable over-temperature




  • Zero Standby Power AC/DC power supplies for TVs, Monitors, Appliances


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