The RZ/G2UL microprocessor includes a Cortex®-A55 (1.0 GHz) CPU, 16-bit DDR3L/DDR4 interface, and simple LCD controller. It also has many interfaces such as camera input, display output, USB 2.0, and Gbit-Ether, making it ideal for applications such as entry-class industrial gateway control and embedded devices with Simple GUI capabilities.

In addition, there are two types of RZ/G2UL.
Type-1 supports all functions and Type-2 supports pin compatibility with RZ/G2LC.
Please refer to RZ/G2UL Overview for the differences in the functions supported by each.
Type-1 Part Number: R9A07G043U11GBG#BC0
Type-2 Part Number: R9A07G043U12GBG#BC0

As a software platform for this product, Renesas provides the Verified Linux Package, which includes the Linux Kernel, middleware drivers, and basic software for this product. The Verified Linux package is verified and provided by Renesas. (For other operating systems support, please contact your local sales representative or distributor).


  • Cortex-A55 (Single)
  • Cortex-M33
  • LCD Controller
  • Camera interface (MIPI-CSI)
  • Display interface (Parallel-IF)
  • USB2.0 interface 2ch、SD interface 2ch
  • CAN interface (CAN-FD)
  • Giga bit Ethernet 2ch
  • Memory error detection / correction (ECC)
  • DDR4 or DDR3L Memory interface
  • BGA Package (13x13mm)




  • Barcode scanner
  • Industrial gateway
  • Sound system


Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RZ/G Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP]
Linux Packages for MPUs of the RZ/G2 Group. Functions of this products have been verified and regular maintenance is also provided.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/G Multi-OS Package
RZ/G Multi-OS Package is the software package consisting of Flexible Software Package (FSP) as software package for Renesas MCU with Arm® Cortex-M Core and OpenAMP as standardization API of framework for interprocessor communication for developing multi OS solution.
Software Package Renesas
RZ MPU Security Package
Security Package for MPUs of the RZ/G2L Group, RZ/V2L and RZ/Five. This package is used in combination with the Linux package provided for each device.
Software Package Renesas
RZ Smart Configurator
RZ Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software in ways that meet your needs. It simplifies the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems through supports for importing middleware and drivers and configuring pins.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
e² studio - information for RZ Family
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
RZ MPU WebUI Package for Verified Linux Package [5.10-CIP]
This product provides a WebUI package for RZ MPUs: WebUI is a web-based management tool that provides a user interface (UI) to users over a network.
Software Package Renesas
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Boards & Kits

Boards & Kits


Introduction to RZ/G2UL - An Entry-class MPU for Industrial HMI Applications

Boards & Kits

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