The RL78/G23 Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board is a lighting communication master board for controlling evaluation boards for various lighting communication standards. It supports DALI, DMX512, and infrared communication protocols. It is applicable to DALI multi-master operation and various DALI test standards*1.

This board is equipped with a Pmod™ interface connector, enabling connection of various sensors, etc. It is also equipped with a capacitive touch key sensor, so operation by touch key sensor is possible.

*1. Refer to RTK7RL23LMP00000BJ Schematics Rev. B (R20UT5251EJ0100) for the circuit diagram corresponding to DALI test standards.


  • Equipped with an RL78/G23 16-bit microcontroller 48-pin, ROM: 128KB, RAM: 16KB
  • Equipped with capacitive touch key sensor
  • Programs can be written and debugged via the COM Port communication by connecting it to a PC with a USB cable
  • Pmod™ interface comes standard
  • Support for various RL78 software and tools



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Manual - Development Tools PDF 304 KB 日本語
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Software & Tools

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DALI Master Controller GUI
The DALI Master Controller GUI controls an RL78/I1A lighting communication master evaluation board
Code Generator Renesas
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