RA2E2 Fast Prototyping Board is an evaluation board specialized for prototype development for a variety of applications. It has a built-in emulator circuit equivalent to an E2 Emulator OB, so you can write/debug program without additional Tools. In addition, with Arduino Uno™ and Pmod™ interfaces included standard and through-hole access to all pins of the microcontroller, and so on. It has high expandability.

Sample software is available to demonstrate the functionality of the RA2E2 MCU and for connecting between the RA2E2 Fast Prototyping Board and various wireless modules or various sensor modules.

Please use Bluetooth®, LoRa® and Wi-Fi according to the radio regulations of each country during use.


  • Equipped with an RA2E2 32bit MCU 24pin ROM:64KB, RAM: 8KB
  • No additional tools are required for program debugging/writing with the built-in E2 Emulator circuit
  • Through-holes with access to all of the pins of the MCU
  • Arduino Uno™ and Pmod™ Interfaces
  • Small size board of 53mm x 85mm size
  • Support for various RA2E2 software and tools



Type Title Date
Quick Start Guide PDF 641 KB 日本語
Flyer PDF 412 KB
Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.16 MB 日本語
Application Note PDF 1.61 MB
Application Note PDF 793 KB
Schematic Log in to Download ZIP 44.42 MB
Application Note PDF 3.00 MB
Manual - Development Tools PDF 474 KB 日本語
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