The RH4Z2501 evaluation kit can be used for a detailed evaluation and configuration of the Renesas RH4Z2501 family. The kit contains two boards, the RH4Z2501 evaluation board and a communication board. The communication board provides a USB interface to the user's computer running the evaluation kit GUI.

The RH4Z2501-KIT Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide provides a step by step guide to use the RH4Z2501-KIT, its main features, and the necessary hardware setup to implement an IO-link network using different approaches.

For further information and support for the SSC Communication Board, visit the SSC-CB product page.



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RH4Z2501 Single Channel IO-Link Line Driver Overview

See how the robust RH4Z2501 combines flexible configurations and embedded diagnostics to simplify IO-Link integration and achieve best-in-class performance.

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