The CCE4510-EVAL-V3 evaluation board is designed to evaluate the CCE4510 IO-Link master IC with an integrated frame handler.

The CCE4510 is a highly integrated IO-Link Master Transceiver providing two IO-Link compliant channels with 1A peak driving current. The built-in IO-Link hardware frame handler significantly improves application performance by automating most of the lower layer communication tasks. By reducing the microcontroller load, CCE4510 frees up valuable processing bandwidth enabling developers to add greater value by running additional processor-intensive tasks without the need for higher performance microcontrollers.


  • 32-Bit RXv2 Microcontroller (RX231)
  • On-Board 3.3 V LDO
  • 16 kB EEPROM
  • Programmable via USB, SCI or FINE interface
  • Status LED indicator
  • External NMOS gate drivers
  • 24 V supply voltage
  • Two CCE4510 IO-Link Master Transceiver ICs
  • Four IO-Link channels
  • Four Status LED indicators for IO-Link channels
  • Additional on-board protection circuitry
  • All pins accessible via pin-headers for microcontroller and IO-Link Master ICs
  • Independent use of sections
  • Demonstration stack from TMG TE available



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