The 8T49N242-EVK is designed to help the customer evaluate the 8T49N242 Universal Frequency Translator (UFT 3G). When the board is connected to a PC running Timing Commander software through USB, the device can be configured and programmed through a graphical interface or through register settings, to generate frequencies with best-in-class performance.


  • Board comes pre-populated with the 8T49N242
  • Four LVPECL Outputs capable of generating any output frequency using Timing Commander software
  • SMA connectors for each output pair
  • Outputs terminate to 50 ohms on a scope
  • USB Cable



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Software & Tools

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Timing Commander
Timing Commander™ is an innovative Windows™-based software platform enabling system design engineers to configure, program, and monitor sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible graphical user interface (GUI).
Code Generator Renesas
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8T49N242 Universal Frequency Translator Evaluation Kit Unboxing and Demonstration

Unboxing and demonstration of the 8T49N242 universal frequency translator using Timing Commander software.

The 8T49N242 is ideal for use in a wide range of equipment, including 10G/40G/100G SONET/SDH and Ethernet network line cards, wireless base station baseband units, broadcast video. carrier Ethernet switches, OTN, or in test and measurement applications. For example, the 8T49N242 can be used in GbE/10GbE/100GbE Synchronous Ethernet line card applications in order to preserve the G.8262 compliance from the Synchronous Equipment Timing Source (SETS) on the timing card.

Presented by Camron Vossberg, applications engineer at IDT. For more information about the 8T49N242 visit www.IDT.com/8T49N242.