The 9VRS4420D is a main clock for Avoton and Rangley Microservers. It is driven with a 14.31818MHz crystal and generates a variety of clocks, including two DIF clocks suitable for Ethernet applications. An SMBus interface allows full control of the device.


  • DIF outputs run in power-down; supports Wake_On_LAN
  • 25MHz output can run in power down; supports Wake_On_LAN
  • Selectable spread % on SRC, PCI; supports margining
  • External 14.318MHz crystal; supports tight ppm
  • CLKREQ# pins; support SRC power management
  • LP-HCSL clock outputs; reduced power and board space
  • LP-HCSL outputs internally terminated to 85Ω differential impedance; reduced board space
  • Extended high commercial (0 to +85°C) operating range
  • I-temperature (-40°C to +85°C) version available; supports severe operating environments
  • DIF cycle-to-cycle jitter < 85ps
  • SRC/SATA cycle-to-cycle jitter < 85ps
  • SRC(6:1) and DIF(1:0) are PCIe Gen1-3 compliant




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