The 9FGV1004 is a member of Renesas' PhiClock™ programmable clock generator family. The 9FGV1004 provides 1 copy each of 2 integer-related frequencies, 2 copies of a fractional or spread-spectrum frequency and 2 copies of the crystal reference input. Two select pins allow for hardware selection of the desired configuration, or two I²C bits all easy software selection of the desired configuration. The user may configure any one of the four OTP configurations as the default when operating in I²C mode. Four unique I²C addresses are available, allowing easy I²C access to multiple components.


  • PCIe Gen1–4 compliant
  • 267fs RMS typical phase jitter at 156.25MHz (12kHz–20MHz)
  • 4 programmable output pairs plus 2 LVCMOS REF outputs
  • 2 integer and 1 fractional or spread-spectrum output  per configuration
  • 1MHz–325MHz integer outputs (LVDS or LP-HCSL)
  • 1MHz–200MHz integer outputs (LVCMOS
  • 1.8V to 3.3V core VDD
  • Individual 1.8V to 3.3V VDDO for each programmable output pair
  • Supports HCSL, LVDS and LVCMOS I/O standards
  • Supports AC-coupled LVPECL and CML logic – see AN-891
  • 4 × 4 mm 24-VFQFPN and 24-LGA packages with 50MHz integrated crystal option
  • Supported by Timing Commander™ software




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