The Intersil ISL8484 device is a low ON-resistance, low voltage, bidirectional, dual single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) analog switch designed to operate from a single +1. 65V to +4. 5V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from low rON (0. 29Ω) and fast switching speeds (tON = 40ns, tOFF = 20ns). The digital logic input is 1. 8V logic-compatible when using a single +3V supply. With a supply voltage of 4. 2V and logic high voltage of 2. 85V at both logic inputs, the part draws only 12µA max of I+ current. Cell phones, for example, often face ASIC functionality limitations. The number of analog input or GPIO pins may be limited and digital geometries are not well suited to analog switch performance. This part may be used to mux-in additional functionality while reducing ASIC design risk. The ISL8484 is offered in small form factor packages, alleviating board space limitations. The ISL8484 is a committed dual single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) that consist of two normally open (NO) and two normally closed (NC) switches. This configuration can be used as a dual 2-to-1 multi-plexer. The ISL8484 is pin compatible with the MAX4684 and MAX4685.


  • Pin Compatible Replacement for the MAX4684 and MAX4685
  • ON-resistance (rON)
  • V+ = +4.3V 0.29Ω
  • V+ = +3.0V 0.33Ω
  • V+ = +1.8V 0.55Ω
  • rON Matching Between Channels 0.06Ω
  • rON Flatness Across Signal Range 0.03Ω
  • Single Supply Operation +1.65V to +4.5V
  • Low Power Consumption (PD) <0.45µW
  • Fast Switching Action (V+ = +4.3V)
  • tON 40ns
  • tOFF 20ns
  • ESD HBM Rating >8kV
  • Guaranteed Break-before-Make
  • 1.8V Logic Compatible (+3V supply)
  • Low I+ Current when VINH is not at the V+ Rail
  • Available in 10 Ld 3x3 TDFN and 10 Ld MSOP
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant))


  • Battery-powered, Handheld, and Portable Equipment Cellular/mobile Phones Pagers Laptops, Notebooks, Palmtops
  • Portable Test and Measurement
  • Medical Equipment
  • Audio and Video Switching

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Active MSOP Tube 980
Active MSOP Reel 2500

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Datasheets & Errata
ISL8484 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 750 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN557: Recommended Test Procedures for Analog Switches Application Note PDF 468 KB
TB363: Guidelines for Handling and Processing Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) Other PDF 293 KB
PLC17019 - Q2 Cy 17 General PLC Notice Product Life Cycle Notice PDF 320 KB