RAJ306010 is general-purpose motor control IC for three-phase brushless DC motor applications. The RAJ306010 has a built-in MCU (RL78/G1F) and a pre-driver in a single package. The pre-driver includes 3 half-bridge gate drivers, 5V regulator, a current sense amplifier, Hall IC comparators, back-EMF amplifier, and various protection functions.


  • Operating power supply voltage: 6V to 42V
  • Operating temperature:
    • RAJ306010 TA = -40°C to +85°C
    • RAJ306010Z TA = -40°C to +105°C  
  • Low power consumption VM current (excluding 5V/7V regulator and charge-pump): [MCU block]: +5.2mA (HS Mode: fIH = 32MHz, VDD = 5V) [pre-driver block]: + 13.5mA [VM = 22.5V] VM standby current : 64µA (typ.)

Controller Functions

  • CPU: 16-bit CISC CPU (RL78/G1F)
  • Flash ROM:  64KB, Data Flash 4KB, RAM: 5.52KB
  • GSI: 2 Ch, SPI, 2ch, IIc, 2ch, UART: 1ch
  • Timers
    • Timer array unit: 1 unit – 16-bit, 4ch
    • Timer RD for motor control – 16-bit, 2ch 
    • Timer RG with encoding function – 16-bit, 1ch
    • 64MHz motor control input capture timer (Timer RX) 
  • 10-bit resolution A/DC converter: 9ch
  • GPIO : 28ch, port for input : 2ch

Pre-Driver Function 

  • 3 half-bridge gate drivers for 6 N-MOSFET
    • Adjustable gate drive peak current up to 500mA
    • Self-align deadtime generator function 
  • Built-in 5V regulator
  • Selectable single/double boost charge pump for gate drive voltage (10V, 13V) 
  • Supports Hall sensored and sensorless  motors 
  • Integrated 1-shunt current sense amplifier (adjustable gain)
  • Integrated protection functions: UVLO, overtemperature, overcurrent, overvoltage, motor Lock for Hall IC type, alarm condition indicator




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