The 5X2503 is a low-power programmable clock generator featuring a three-PLL architecture, each individually programmable allowing for up to three unique output frequencies. The internal OTP memory allows the user to store the configuration in the device. The 5L2503 is similar, but requires an external crystal. Use the form below to customize your device.

Block Diagram (5L2503)


Timing Commander Configuration File Upload (optional)

Use this form to upload your Timing Commander configuration file for the 5X2503 or 5L2503 part. This will disable the configurator below. The datasheet addendum will be provided by Renesas after review.

Configuration File (.tcs) Uploader

Device Selection


Global Configuration

Selects the I2C address of the device. Up to 4 addresses are supported, enabling using more than one device on the same I2C bus. I2C address
Specifies the equivalent value of programmable internal load capacitors, adjustable in steps of 2 pF up to 8 pF. Crystal load capacitance
Input frequency. Valid ranges are 1-to-125 MHz for Single-Ended and Differential clock inputs, 1-to-40 MHz if a Crystal Resonator is used. Input frequency

Output Configuration

OUT1 output OUT2 output OUT3 output
Selects the default status of the output (on or off) at startup. This status can be modified in operation by I2C or GPIO (if applicable). Enable/Disable
Output frequency. Valid ranges are 1-to-160 MHz for Single-Ended outputs (OUT1, OUT2, OUT3). Frequency
This option activates a 32.768 kHz clock on the selected output. 32.768 kHz output
Selects the output signal type and level. Output mode LVCMOS LVCMOS LVCMOS
VDD voltage of the corresponding output. VDDO 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V
Enables/Disables Spread Spectrum modulation and selects the type and amplitude of modulation: Center- or Down-Spread, with an amplitude ranging from 0.25% to 2% modulation. Spread spectrum

OE Pins Configuration

Output enable Global power down Proactive power saving Dynamic freq. control
Selects the OE1 pin function. OE1

Project Information

Comments/Special Requests

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