This simple and effective solution for a battery pack with active balancing can extend the battery system run time. Also, active balancing can shorten charge time and reduce heat generated compared to passive balancing.

System Benefits:

  • Samples voltage and current with MCU internal 16-bit, up to 6.25Msps ADC
  • High-resolution PWM (156ps resolution) controls the voltage after boosting to charge the entire battery pack
  • High input voltage buck with 2 LDOs powers the system




  • Battery management
  • Power battery

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CN148 Line.254.856 Block Dotted Line Dotted Line.733 Left arrow.266.710 CN148 CN148 CN148 Active Balancing Module Active Balancing Module Active Balancing Module Left arrow.266 Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp Sheet.687 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Right arrow.252 Isolated CAN T/R 3 Isolated CAN T/R IsolatedCAN T/R I(CHG+) I(CHG+) I(CHG+) Down arrow.256 Down arrow.256.703 Line.254 Isolation Amp Isolation Amp Isolation Amp Line.254.705 Line.254.706 Line.254.707 V(CHG+) V(CHG+) V(CHG+) 2 Label Text 10pt.793 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.814 Line.254.717 Connector.287 CHG+ CHG+ (48V*N) CHG+(48V*N) Line.254.720 Line.254.721 Line.254.722 Line.254.723 Line.254.724 Connector.287.725 Sheet.729 Line.726 Connector.727 Isolated CAN T/R 1 Isolated CAN T/R IsolatedCAN T/R Isolated CAN T/R 2 Isolated CAN T/R IsolatedCAN T/R Line.254.730 Line.254.732 Line.254.734 48V BMU 3 48V BMU 48VBMU 48V BMU 1 48V BMU 48VBMU 48V BMU 2 48V BMU 48VBMU CHG- CHG- CHG- Connector.287.737 Ground.171 Sheet.739 Sheet.740 Sheet.741 Sheet.742 Line.254.751 Right arrow.252.765 Line.254.766 3.3V (ref BAT-)/100mAmax 3.3V (ref BAT-) /100mAmax 3.3V (ref BAT-)/100mAmax Line.792 Line.254.797 ? Sheet.800 Sheet.801 Sheet.802 ?.803 Sheet.804 Sheet.805 Sheet.806 Line.254.810 Line.815 Isolated Current Sensor Isolated Current Sensor IsolatedCurrent Sensor Line.844 Left arrow.266.855 Dotted Line.857 Dotted left arrow Relay Control Relay Control Relay Control Label Text 10pt.860 12V (ref BAT-) /0.5Amax 12V (ref BAT-)/0.5Amax BAT- BAT- BAT- BAT+ BAT+ BAT+ Line.254.863 Line.254.864 Line.865 Right arrow.252.866 Line.254.867 Line.254.872 Right arrow.252.873 Connector Line Resistor Connector.287.745 Resistor.749 Resistor.750 Line.947 Line.948 Line.949 Sheet.998 Sheet.990 Sheet.997 Sheet.966 Sheet.967 Sheet.968 Sheet.970 Sheet.975 Sheet.989 Sheet.991 Sheet.992 Sheet.993 Sheet.994 Sheet.995 Sheet.996 Sheet.999 Sheet.1000 Sheet.1001 Sheet.1002 Sheet.1003 Sheet.1004 Sheet.1005 Sheet.1006 Sheet.1007 Sheet.1008 Sheet.1009 Sheet.1010 Sheet.1011 Sheet.1012 Sheet.1013 Line.1029 Line.1030 Line.1032 Line.1033 MOSFET Driver MOSFET Driver MOSFET Driver Line.1034 Line.1035 Line.1036 Line.254.753 Signal Ground Sheet.755 Sheet.756 Sheet.757 Sheet.758 Sheet.759 BAT - BAT- BAT- Buck Buck Buck Dotted Line.1044 Sheet.1045 Line.778 Line.779 Line.1038 Line.1039 Line.1040 Line.1041 Connector.287.1042 Connector.1043 Sheet.1055 Line.778 Line.779 Line.1038 Line.1039 Line.1040 Line.1041 Connector.1042 Connector.1043 Line.1039 Line.1073 Sheet.1046 Line.778 Line.779 Line.1038 Line.1039 Line.1040 Line.1041 Connector.1042 Connector.1043 Line.1038 Line.1040 Line.1041 Sheet.1077 Connector.1043 Line.1076 Line.1078 Line.1079 Inductor Iron Core.444 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1084 Sheet.1085 Sheet.1086 Sheet.1087 Sheet.1088 Sheet.1089 Sheet.1090 Sheet.1091 Sheet.1092 Line.29 Inductor Iron Core.1094 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1097 Sheet.1098 Sheet.1099 Sheet.1100 Sheet.1101 Sheet.1102 Sheet.1103 Sheet.1104 Sheet.1105 Line.29 Inductor Iron Core.1107 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1110 Sheet.1111 Sheet.1112 Sheet.1113 Sheet.1114 Sheet.1115 Sheet.1116 Sheet.1117 Sheet.1118 Line.29 Inductor Iron Core.1120 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1123 Sheet.1124 Sheet.1125 Sheet.1126 Sheet.1127 Sheet.1128 Sheet.1129 Sheet.1130 Sheet.1131 Line.29 Line.1185 MCU MCU MCU MCU Peripheral PWM PWM Peripheral.678 GPIO GPIO Peripheral.679 CAN CAN ADC 1 16-bit ADC 16-bit ADC
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