The Tiny Flexible SoM is a solution that integrates a microcontroller (MCU), FPGA and programmable mixed-signal matrix onto a single board. It helps users replace the traditional "chip first" development strategy when designing products, and only needs to perform functional interfaces. It can simplify hardware development, reduce development time and help customers to complete product iterations faster.

System Benefits​:

  • High-performance RXv2 core MCU with up to 120MHz, and its flash can be expanded from 512KB to 2MB to store the FPGA boot image file; the MCU also greatly enhances the security performance and comprehensively protects the system.
  • SLG46585M programmable mixed-signal matrix provides 4 analog comparators, in addition to combined function microcells, and multi-function microcells, and integrates 4 LDOs and 1 buck converter to power the MCU and FPGA.




  • Timing controllers (TCON)
  • Data acquisition
  • Interface extension