This Single-Phase Street Light Controller with automatic control through a LoRaWAN® network is able to monitor the power consumption of load and control turning ON/OFF of the streetlight. This unit’s communication capability makes it ideal to be deployed in a smart city solution.

System Benefits:

  • Built on DTDS-622C Module with FCC certification
  • Measures temperature, relative humidity and gas parameters accurately
  • Available in all global frequency plans US/AU/AS/EU/IN/ID/KR/JP etc.
  • Built-in LoRa® Antenna / SMA connector available
  • Wide input voltage range from 80 Vac to 305 Vac
  • Supports luminary load up to 6K Watts
  • IP66 enclosure for protection against rain and dust




  • Smart Street Light Controller
  • Smart City

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AS132 Non-Renesas Component.297.462 Relay Relay Sheet.221 WC# AS132 AS132 Light Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor Real-Time Clock Real-Time Clock Real-Time Clock Label Text 10pt.746 2 2 MCU MCU MCU Block.94 I2C I2C Block.95 ADC ADC Left arrow.266 Line.260 Left arrow.312 Up arrow Up arrow.321 Down arrow.38 Down arrow.38.323 Line LDO LDO LDO Non-supported component.329 AC Power Module with Protection Circuit AC Power Modulewith ProtectionCircuit Label text 10pt.353 3.3VDC/0.5A 3.3VDC/0.5A Label Text 10pt.354 3.3V/40µAtyp 3.3V/40µAtyp Label Text 10pt.357 3.3V/65µAmax 3.3V/65µAmax Label Text 10pt.359 3.3V/140mAmax 3.3V/140mAmax Right arrow bracket Line.363 Label text 10pt.365 Option Option Sheet.367 CT_Icon.368 Board.317 LoRaWAN Module LoRaWAN Module Label Text 10pt.429 Line In Line In Label Text 10pt.430 Single Phase AC Input Single Phase AC Input Right arrow.431 Right arrow.432 Label Text 10pt.433 Neutral Neutral Label Text 10pt.442 VDD VDD Label Text 10pt.443 VSS VSS Right arrow.444 Right arrow.445 Label Text 10pt.456 2 2 Sheet.457 Relay.74 Sheet.472 Sheet.473 Sheet.474 Connector Line Label Text 10pt.481 Line Out Line Out Label Text 10pt.482 To Load To Load Right arrow.483 Right arrow.484 Label Text 10pt.485 Neutral Neutral Label Text 10pt.489 Current Transformer Current Transformer Label Text 10pt.490 Line In Line In Right arrow.491 Connector Line.492 Block.93 SPI SPI Block.247 GPIO GPIO Non-supported component.246 Semtech SX 1262 SemtechSX 1262 Double arrow 1pt.735 Right arrow.388 Non-Renesas Component.297 Driver CKT DriverCKT Connector Arrow Antenna.167 Sheet.516 Sheet.517 Sheet.518 Sheet.522 Label Text 10pt.520 2 2 Sheet.521
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