The gas sensor and humidity sensor, in conjunction with the microcontroller, offer a comprehensive design for HVAC systems, smart appliances, and smart home/office applications that comply with stringent air quality regulations, conserve energy, and promote user health and well-being.

System Benefits:

  • Easy and fast integration into HVAC systems
  • Fast productization
  • Code optimized for µC
  • Gas sensor with the highest sensitivity to gases in the market
  • Firmware upgradeable system to meet specific customer needs and requirements



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4:3 ratio Connector Line.60 Connector Line.61 Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 US024 US024 US024 Customer Application Customer Application Customer Application MCU MCU Post Processing MCUPost Processing Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.47 Connector double arrow.48 Connector double arrow.49 Board.317 Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor OR OR OR I2C I2C I2C Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.57 I2C or UART I2C or UART I2C orUART Connector Line
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