This design demonstrates an air duct system that purifies the air inside homes by sensing the temperature, humidity and air quality. The RL78 microcontroller (MCU) series has a variety of functions and a wide lineup, as well as a standby function to reduce current consumption to minimize standby power. The RX23T MCU also enables efficient motor control.

System Benefits:

  • Minimize standby power with the RL78 MCU series
  • Efficient motor control with the RX23T MCU
  • Temperature/Humidity and gas sensors protect air quality and support filter exchange detection



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KR007 Sheet.1773 Line 1pt.126.1769 Sheet.1772 Left arrow 1pt.123.1770 Line 1pt.126.1771 Right arrow 1pt.125.1767 KR007 KR007 KR007 Sheet.153 Sheet.1634 Sheet.1635 Text 12pt Control Board Control Board Text 12pt.1637 Inverter Board Inverter Board LCD Module LCD Module LCD Module Wi-Fi Module Wi-Fi Module Wi-Fi Module Double arrow 1pt.1670 Double arrow 1pt.1671 Power Power Power AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC Buck Regulator Control Board Buck Regulator Buck Regulator Left arrow 1pt.123 Haptics Touch Sheet.1684 Sheet.1685 Sheet.1686 Sheet.1687 Left arrow 1pt.1688 Double arrow 1pt.1689 Transceiver Transceiver Transceiver Left arrow 1pt.123.1690 Temp & Humidity Sensor Temp & Humidity Sensor Temp & Humidity Sensor Line 1pt.126 Line 1pt.126.1692 Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Right arrow 1pt.125 Right arrow 1pt.125.1695 Right arrow 1pt.125.1696 Left arrow 1pt.123.1697 Line 1pt.126.1698 Line 1pt.126.1699 3.3V.1700 3.3V 3.3V 24V 24V 24V 220V 220V 220V Left arrow 1pt.123.1733 Buck Regulator Inverter Board Buck Regulator Buck Regulator 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V Sheet.1751 Sheet.1749 Sheet.1744 Sheet.1742 Sheet.1750 Sheet.1745 Sheet.1741 Hall Sensor Hall Sensor Hall Sensor Left arrow 1pt.123.1766 Left arrow 1pt.123.1768 Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp IPM IPM IPM Down arrow 1pt.127 Down arrow 1pt.127.1775 Motor Sheet.1800 Sheet.1801 M M 24V.1841 24V 24V Line.254 Line.254.1843 Control Board MCU Control Board MCU MCU Block.93 GPIO GPIO Block.94 UART UART Block.95 I2C or 10bit ADC I2Cor10bit ADC Block.311 UART UART Block.312 UART UART Sheet.1845 MCU Inverter Board MCU MCU Block.1714 UART UART Block.1712 PWM PWM Block.1729 INT INT Sheet.1839 12-bit ADC 12-bitADC
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