This system generates 50Hz/60Hz with 230V AC generated from the Li-ion battery backup system. The capacity (rating) ranges from 800VA to 1800VA depending on the battery size and backup requirement. The product performance is managed and controlled by an intelligent battery management system (BMS). And, an LCD shows important inverter battery performance statistics helping customers plan their activities in advance.

System Benefits​:

  • A low-frequency and high-frequency inverter can be derived from the same system.
  • Isolated system to track the AC output.
  • Auxiliary flyback power supply for isolated systems.
  • RL78/G14 low-cost MCU performs the low and high-frequency H-Bridge drive.




  • Home inverter
  • General inverter
  • Battery Management System (BMS)

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16:9 Connector Line.1225 Connector Line.1433 Connector Arrow Connector Line.1085 Connector Arrow.1105 Gate Driver x2 Gate Driver x2 Gate Driver x2 Dual component Component block.631 Optocoupler Optocoupler Optocoupler AS022 AS022 AS022 Ground Sheet.425 Sheet.426 Sheet.427 Sheet.428 Sheet.462 Sheet.436 Sheet.437 Darlington.131 Sheet.439 Sheet.440 Darlington.254 Sheet.442 Sheet.443 Darlington.254 Sheet.450 ?? Inductor Air Core Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.477 Sheet.478 Sheet.479 Sheet.480 Sheet.481 Sheet.482 Sheet.483 Sheet.484 Sheet.485 ?? Inductor Air Core.486 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.489 Sheet.490 Sheet.491 Sheet.492 Sheet.493 Sheet.494 Sheet.495 Sheet.496 Sheet.497 Sheet.510 Sheet.511 Sheet.512 Darlington.131 Non-Electric Cap Sheet.565 Sheet.566 Sheet.567 Sheet.568 Sheet.569 Resistor.498 Sheet.509 Sheet.500 Sheet.501 Darlington.131 Sheet.647 Sheet.703 Sheet.704 Sheet.705 Sheet.706 Sheet.707 Darlington.131 Sheet.709 Sheet.710 Sheet.711 Sheet.712 Sheet.713 Darlington.131 Resistor.724 Ground.725 Sheet.726 Sheet.727 Sheet.728 Sheet.729 12V Iso1 12V Iso1 12V Iso1 Filter Filter Filter 12V Iso Aux 12V Iso Aux 12V Iso Aux Sheet.1019 AC 2.716 Sheet.717 Sheet.718 230V Vout 230V Vout 230VVout AC Sheet.697 Sheet.698 AC Main Supply AC Main Supply ACMain Supply Connector Line 60-80V N-MOS 60-80V N-MOS 60-80VN-MOS Sheet.563 Sheet.167 Sheet.53 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.82 Sheet.83 Sheet.150 Sheet.514 Sheet.515 Sheet.516 Sheet.517 Sheet.518 Sheet.519 Sheet.520 Sheet.521 Sheet.522 Sheet.523 Sheet.524 Sheet.525 Sheet.526 Sheet.527 Sheet.528 Sheet.529 Sheet.1026 Sheet.1027 Sheet.1028 Sheet.1029 Sheet.1030 Sheet.1031 Sheet.1032 Sheet.1033 Sheet.1034 Sheet.1035 Sheet.1036 Sheet.1037 Sheet.1038 Sheet.1039 Sheet.1040 Sheet.1041 Sheet.1042 Sheet.1043 Sheet.1044 Sheet.1045 Sheet.1046 Sheet.1047 Sheet.1048 Sheet.1049 Sheet.1050 Sheet.1051 Sheet.1052 Sheet.1053 Sheet.1054 Sheet.1055 Sheet.1056 Sheet.1057 Sheet.1058 Connector Line.1076 Connector Line.1079 Connector Line.1082 Connector double arrow.1095 GND GND GND D1 x4 D1 x4 D1 x4 5V 5V 5V Connector Arrow.1099 Connector Line.1100 4 4 4 Sheet.1102 4 4 4 Sheet.1104 Connector Arrow.1107 Connector Arrow.1110 Connector Arrow.1112 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q4 Q4 Q4 Connector Line.1117 Connector Line.1118 Connector 1.1119 Connector 1.1120 Connector Line.1122 Connector Line.1123 Connector Line.1124 Connector Line.1125 Connector Line.1126 Connector Line.1127 Connector 1.1128 Connector Line.1129 Connector 1.1131 Connector Arrow.1132 5V 5V 5V Connector 1.1134 Connector Line.1135 Connector Line.1136 Connector Line.1138 Connector Line.1140 400V DC 400V DC 400V DC Sheet.1143 Connector Line.1144 Resistor.1145 Connector Line.1146 Connector Line.1147 Connector 1.1148 Connector 1.1149 Connector Arrow.1150 5V 5V 5V Connector Line.1152 Connector 1.1156 Connector Arrow.1162 Connector Arrow.1163 Connector Line.1166 Connector Line.1169 12V Iso1 12V Iso1 12V Iso1 5V 5V 5V Connector 1.1175 Connector Arrow.1176 Connector Line.1178 Connector Line.1181 Connector 1.1182 Connector Line.1187 Sheet.373 Sheet.358 Sheet.359 Sheet.360 Sheet.361 Sheet.362 Sheet.363 Sheet.364 Sheet.365 Sheet.366 Sheet.367 Sheet.368 Sheet.369 Sheet.371 Sheet.372 Sheet.389 Sheet.390 Sheet.391 Sheet.392 Sheet.393 Sheet.394 Sheet.395 Sheet.396 Sheet.397 Sheet.398 Sheet.399 Sheet.400 Sheet.401 Sheet.402 Sheet.403 + + + - - - Battery.46 Sheet.407 Sheet.408 Sheet.409 Sheet.410 Line 1pt.1552 Line 1pt.1608 Resistor 2 2 2 Sheet.643 Resistor.649 Connector double arrow Connector Line.1071 Connector Line.1073 Connector Line.1074 NTC x2 NTC x2 NTC x2 Connector Line.1088 14 14 14 Sheet.1091 48V 48V 48V Connector 1.1094 Sheet.1108 Connector 1.1109 Connector Line.1180 Connector Line.1159 Connector Line.1193 Switchover Relay Switchover Relay SwitchoverRelay Connector Line.1198 Connector Line.1199 Connector Line.1200 Connector Line.1201 Connector Line.1202 Connector Line.1203 Connector Line.1204 Connector Line.1205 Connector Line.1207 Connector Line.1208 Connector Line.1209 Connector Line.1210 Connector Line.1211 Connector Line.1212 Connector Line.1213 Connector Arrow.1220 Connector Arrow.1221 Connector Line.1226 Connector Line.1227 Connector 1 Connector Arrow.1229 Connector Line.1230 Connector Arrow.1234 Communication Lines B.135 4 4 4 Connector Line.1248 Connector Line.1249 Connector 1.1250 Connector Line.1256 Connector 1.1257 Connector Arrow.1258 Connector 1.1259 Connector Line.1260 Connector Line.1261 Connector Line.1265 Connector Line.1267 Connector Line.1270 Sheet.1272 Sheet.1273 2 2 2 Sheet.1275 Connector 1.1276 Connector Line.1278 Sheet.1280 12V Iso Aux 12V Iso Aux 12V Iso Aux Darlington.131 Connector 1.1422 Op Amp Op Amp 1 Op Amp Op Amp VDD VDD VDD GND GND GND VDD VDD VDD GND GND GND AMP Sheet.688 Sheet.689 AMP AMP AMP AMP Sheet.692 Sheet.693 AMP AMP AMP Sheet.1424 MCU MCU MCU I2C I2C I2C VCC VCC VCC PWM PWM PWM ADC ADC ADC GPIO GPIO GPIO Battery Front End Battery Front End Battery Front End BatteryFront End CFET CFET CFET DFET DFET DFET Vtemp Vtemp Vtemp CB CB CB CSP CSP CSP I2C I2C I2C CSN CSN CSN DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC LDO LDO LDO HV DC/DC Flyback HV DC/DC Flyback HV DC/DCFlyback IGBT Drive Photocoupler x4 IGBT Drive Photocouplerx4 IGBT 600-650V x4 IGBT 600-650V x4 IGBT 600-650Vx4 Sheet.1432 Connector Line.1435 Sheet.1436 Sheet.1437 Op Amp.1438 Op Amp 2 Op Amp Op Amp GND GND GND VDO VDO VDO GND GND GND VDO VDO VDO AMP Sheet.743 Sheet.744 AMP AMP AMP AMP Sheet.747 Sheet.748 AMP AMP AMP Sheet.1439 Op Amp x2 Op Amp x2 Op Ampx2 AMP Sheet.762 Sheet.763 AMP AMP AMP AMP Sheet.766 Sheet.767 AMP AMP AMP
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