PC (desktop/tower/mini tower) water cooling is a process used to lower the temperature of the computer processor and other critical components of the system such as graphics cards. PC water coolers absorb the heat away from the components inside the system, rather than blowing the hot air around the case, as typical with air cooling systems. Renesas' Remote Controlled PC Water Cooler solution splits PC water cooling into two parts, the power unit inside the PC and the human machine interface (HMI) control panel on a user’s desk, connected via Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) to the power unit.

System Benefits​:

  • Wireless HMI allows freedom in terms of placement
  • Bluetooth LE opens up the possibility to control the power unit from a smartphone
  • Control for multiple pumps and fans is possible




  • General PC water cooling
  • Gaming PCs
  • Size-constrained industrial panel PCs
  • High-end graphic workstations