This customer premise equipment (CPE) solution converts high-speed 5G signals into Wi-Fi signals. The solution also provides a complete system that includes a USB PD (Power Delivery) sink solution, a power supply for SoC, and a Wi-Fi 6 chip. And, this solution delivers the best Wi-Fi network performance.

System Benefits:

  • Dual-band, 4T4R Wi-Fi 6 chip provides a powerful and highly integrated network for CPE
  • Highly efficient and simple USB PD sink




  • 5G routers

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CN365 Sheet.807 CN365 CN365 CN365 Down arrow.256 Down arrow.676 Sheet.697 ??? Sheet.691 Sheet.692 Sheet.693 Sheet.694 Sheet.695 Line.254 Sheet.698 ??? Sheet.700 Sheet.701 Sheet.702 Sheet.703 Sheet.704 Line.254 Sheet.723 ??? Sheet.708 Sheet.709 Sheet.710 Sheet.711 Sheet.712 Line.254 Sheet.724 ???.715 Sheet.716 Sheet.717 Sheet.718 Sheet.719 Sheet.720 Line.721 Wi-Fi 6 Module Wi-Fi 6 Module Wi-Fi 6 Module Left arrow.266 0.9V/22Amax 0.9V/22Amax 0.9V/22Amax 1.8V/850mAmax 1.8V/850mAmax 1.8V/850mAmax EP Multi-function block 5B Baseband 5B Baseband On Board PMIC On Board PMIC On Board PMIC Double arrow.267 Down arrow.256.740 Line.254 Buck 2 Buck Buck Buck 1 Buck Buck Line.254.744 Line.254.745 1.8V/27mAmax 1.8V/27mAmax 1.8V/27mAmax Ethernet PHY Ethernet PHY Ethernet PHY DDR3, NAND, EMMC DDR3 512MB NAND 246MB EMMC 128GB DDR3 512MBNAND 246MBEMMC 128GB NOR Flash NOR Flash NOR Flash PCIe PCIe PCIe Double arrow.267.751 Double arrow.752 Double arrow.753 Sub-PMIC Sub-PMIC Sub-PMIC Down arrow.256.757 Right arrow.252 Line.254.761 Right arrow.252.762 5V/5A 5V/5A 5V/5A 0.9V/10Amax 0.9V/10Amax 0.9V/10Amax Right arrow.252.769 USB-C USB C USB-C USB-C USB-C Sheet.771 Sheet.772 Sheet.773 Sheet.774 Sheet.775 Sheet.776 Sheet.777 Sheet.778 Sheet.779 Sheet.780 Sheet.781 Sheet.782 Right arrow.252.797 Line.254.799 Connector.287 Connector.801 100W USB Type-C Input Power Converter 100W USB Type-C Input Power Converter 100W USBType-C Input Power Converter Connector.802 Left arrow.266.803 Connector.804 Down arrow.256.805 2.4G/5G FEM 2.4G/5G FEM 2.4G/5G FEM
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