As a wireless gateway, the telematics box provides remote communication interfaces for the entire vehicle through 4G remote wireless communication, GPS satellite positioning, acceleration sensing, CAN communication, and other functions, and provides services such as driving data acquisition, driving track recording, vehicle fault monitoring, vehicle remote query and control (unlocking, air conditioning control, window control, transmitter torque limit, engine start and stop), driving behavior analysis, 4G wireless hotspot sharing, etc.

System Benefits​:

  • Automotive-grade MCU with CAN interface
  • Gateway provides vehicle/charging data
  • Winning combo support via Renesas MCU, power and analog devices




  • Electric vehicles (EV)
  • Vehicle gateways

Winning Combinations Interactive Diagram

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AS-temp CN295 CN295 CN295 12V/24V Battery 12V/24V 12V/24V Buck 1 Buck Buck Buck 2 Buck Buck LTE-M Module GM01Q LTE-M Module GM01Q LTE-M Module GM01Q GPS & Other Sensor GPS & Other Sensor GPS &Other Sensor Acceleration Sensor Module Acceleration Sensor Module Acceleration Sensor Module CAR Control Communication CAR Control Communication CAR Control Communication Flash Flash Flash Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy Humidity/Temperature Sensor Humidity/Temperature Sensor Humidity/Temperature Sensor Security Security Security Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.23 Connector Arrow.24 Connector Arrow.25 Connector Arrow.26 Connector double arrow Connector double arrow.28 Connector Arrow.30 Connector double arrow.31 Connector Arrow.32 Connector double arrow.34 Connector double arrow.35 Connector Line.348 Connector Arrow.37 Connector Line.348.38 Connector Line.348.39 Connector Line.348.40 Connector Arrow.41 Connector Arrow.42 Connector Arrow.43 Connector Line.348.45 Connector Line.348.46 Connector Arrow.48 Connector Arrow.49 5V/2.5Amax 5V/2.5Amax 5V/2.5Amax 3.3V/3Amax 3.3V/3Amax 3.3V/3Amax *Optional Device *Optional Device *Optional Device Connector double arrow.54 Connector 1 Connector 1.62 Connector 1.63 Connector 1.64 Connector 1.65 Connector 1.66 Connector 1.67 Connector 1.68 Connector 1.69 Connector 1.70 MCU MCU* MCU* MCU* LIN LIN LIN CAN CAN CAN I2C I2C I2C UART UART UART SPI SPI SPI I2C I2C I2C
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