This combination of the R-Car (H3/M3/M3N) system-on-chip (SoC), power management IC (PMIC), and programmable clock generator allows for a versatile solution. They enable scalable cockpit and infotainment solutions that support high image quality, multiple video display outputs, and a wide variety of memory interfaces all in one design.

System Benefits:

  • A versatile system that enables scalable cockpit and infotainment solutions that support high image quality, multiple video display outputs, and a wide variety of memory interfaces.
  • Flexible clock generators can generate any clock frequency from 1MHz to 350MHz and allow a single device to replace several discrete clock circuits, saving BOM cost and reducing PCB area.
  • A flexible power supply can support a wide range of multicore SoCs and integrate full power rail management with multiple sleep modes for an optimized solution.
  • Reduces R&D cost and development time using PMICs verified for R-Car SoCs.




  • Instrument clusters
  • In-vehicle infotainment (IVI)
  • Cockpit controllers
  • Driver monitoring systems (DMS)
  • Surround view monitors

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AS202 Connector Arrow.166 Connector Arrow.167 Connector Arrow.168 Connector Arrow.146 Connector Arrow.151 AS202 AS202 AS202 HDMI HDMI HDMI Audio Audio Audio Display x2 Component block.631 Display x2 Display x2 Display x2 Programmable Clock Generator Programmable Clock Generator ProgrammableClock Generator Display 1 Display Display Display 2 Display Display Memory Memory Memory SD SD SD Connector Arrow.138 Connector Arrow.141 Connector Arrow.144 Connector Arrow.145 Connector Arrow.152 Connector Arrow.154 PCIe Clock PCIe Clock PCIe Clock Battery.230 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 12B Battery 12V Battery 12V Battery Dot Clocks Dot Clocks Dot Clocks Connector Arrow.165 Connector Arrow.169 Connector Arrow.170 Connector Arrow.172 Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.175 PCIe PCIe PCIe Video Decoder Video Decoder Video Decoder Codec Codec Codec Ether Ether Ether USB USB USB PMIC PMIC PMIC Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator SoC R-Car SoC R-Car H3e/M3e/m3Ne/SIP SoC R-Car H3e/M3e/M3Ne/SIP SoC R-CarH3e/M3e/M3Ne/SIP VCC VCC VCC PCIe CLK PCIe Clock PCIeClock MIPI CSI 2 MIPI CSI 2 MIPICSI 2 SSI SSI SSI HDMI.129 HDMI HDMI LVDS LVDS LVDS ARGB ARGB ARGB
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Integrated Automotive Cockpits

Save cost and design effort in functional safety with Renesas scalable R-Car roadmap, providing a robust freedom of interference between the Cluster and Android system.

Video Transcript

My name is Guido Hilker, I'm from Renesas Electronics and today I talk about integrated cockpits.

The challenge of integrated cockpit is to run cluster, navigation and center stack on one ECU. Some OEMs have already started such integration with the target to save cost and still offer an attractive solution with a nice look and feel.

The demo is running on R-Car M3N and is showing a low cost integrated cockpit solution. In the middle, an Android system is running, showing a navigation application which could be also a smartphone replication. In parallel, the embedded real-time CPU, which is separated by system architecture, is drawing a full graphics cluster using the 2D drawing engine.

For integrated cockpit, Renesas offers a scalable R-Car product lineup. And also robust freedom of interference between the cluster system and the Android system is achieved by separation of hardware. And therefore the efforts for functional safety can be greatly reduced, which saves cost and effort. Finally, the real-time system will boot faster, offering an early availability of the cluster function, rearview camera or audio.